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In this video, 50-year-old Sindee Star sucks and fucks a very big, black cock, and we thought you might like to know a little more about her before you jack off to her. Or maybe you're reading this after you've jacked off to her. Hey, either way. It's your membership, and you can do as you please. 50Plus MILFs: The first time we met, we spent a lot of time talking about your pussy. In fact, we spent almost an entire interview talking about your pussy. But let's give the guys a chance to know a part of you other than the part they fuck. Tell us about your perfect day or evening. Sindi: Relaxing by the pool, going shopping at the market for fresh produce, cooking a great meal, visiting with a friend, watching a good movie and maybe having sex afterwards. 50Plus MILFs: When you're out in public, how do you usually dress? Sindi: That depends on the occasion. Usually classy but with no bra or casual with no panties. That way there's easy access! 50Plus MILFs: How can a man attract your attention? Sindi: By being elegant and manly. I like a man with manners, too. 50Plus MILFs: You're divorced. What kind of dates do you like? Sindi: The usual. Dinner, drinks and a show. Then maybe some cuddling, sexy time and togetherness. 50Plus MILFs: You're a mom, aren't you? Sindi: Yes. I'm a MILF! 50Plus MILFs: Do you swing? Sindi: I used to attend swingers events because I was curious. I once went home with a couple, and that was a lot of fun. We had great sex! 50Plus MILFs: Are you a nudist? Sindi: No, but I do enjoy being nude around the house and in the sun. When I'm home, I'm usually naked and playing with my pussy. 50Plus MILFs: What's your sexual fantasy? Sindi: Three guys stuffing me in all three holes, air-tight. It hasn't happened yet, but it's going to.
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