Sassy young girl getting banged in her own music studio/garage

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While driving past, Maya sees this guy had turned his garage into a music studio. She loves music and decided to have a little fun. Thinking the owner of the place wasn't home, she sat down at the drums and knocked out a beat only to be interrupted by the owner when he came out to see what the hell she was doing. He wasn't happy about her just walking into his garage, but he did love how she looked in the skintight dress. Taking his shirt off, she couldn't keep her hands off his body. Maya peeled the dress off, dropped to her knees, and took his big cock in her mouth. She had always wanted to fuck a musician, so when she laid back on the couch and let him bury his cock in her wet pussy, she started cumming almost immediately. In love with his cock, the exotic hottie came over and over, begging him to never stop. She rode him until she came so many times she worked up a sweat then she opened wide so he could bust a nut on her face and in her mouth.
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Models: Maya Farrell