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Alexis Fawx was not happy. She had a client that was supposed to meet her at his house so she could help him put it on the market and he didn’t show. After an angry phone call, she decided to make this trip worth something and started taking her clothes off. Stripped naked, the horny, busty MILF climbed up on top of his dining room table, and slid a finger into her tight, trimmed pussy, working that wet pussy until she came. One orgasm wasn’t enough. She grabbed her toy out of her purse, wrapped her lacy panties around it, and drove it into her wet pussy. Driving the toy into her slit, she fucked herself – slowly at first then faster and faster. Moving so she was squatting down and slamming the toy into her pussy while using her free hand to rub her clit, she came so hard her big tits jiggled and her moans filled the house then she took the toy out of her pussy and licked it clean.
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