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DigiByte is a public, fast growing and highly decentralized blockchain. Digibyte is a digital asset that you can not destroy, forge or crack, making them ideal for protecting objects of value, such as currency, information, property, or important digital data.

Gigibit you can send via DigiByte Blockchain and forever record on the continued public book, which is decentralized on thousands of computers across the planet.

High security and scalability
Industry-leading transaction speed
Trial and tested technology for 4 years
Managed units, ready for mass connection
Active team of developers and well-known founder
What makes DigiByte more secure?
Global decentralization
The block-chain Gigibit extends to over 100,000 servers, computers, phones, and hubs around the world.
5 Algorithms mining
The five gigibit uses safe and advanced algorithms for cryptographic extraction, to prevent the centralization of production compared to the single algorithms.
Advanced stability
The adjustment of the lock protects against several types of malicious attacks. Creating and implementing DigiShield & MultiShield, DigiByte has the most challenging stability any blocking chains in the world today.

What makes DigiByte Faster?
15 second blocks
Gigabit is the fastest speed of any block public block-chain UTXO in the world today with a 15 second block timing.
Early implementation SegWit
Segregated witness admits the emergence of several innovations over the block chain Gigibit, such as transactions with cross chains and transactions with one confirmation.
The rigidity of the blockade
Operations Gigibit, unlike other transactions on other block chains are limited in size and scope to increase the speed, efficiency and throughput. Most importantly it maintains security.

What makes DigiByte Forward Thinking?
Information security
DigiByte Blockchain technology can be used and applied to applications, fixing 90% of the most common vulnerabilities that affect the Internet today.
IOT devices
The future of Digibyte includes an emphasis of application of the protection of Digibyte on IOT devices and services that require reliable communication.
Artificial intelligence
By combining advancements in technology DigiByte Blockchain with artificial intelligence, we are studying new innovations in automation and data analysis.

DigiByte Coin – cryptocurrency

Assortimet products Gigibit consists of three main applications:

DigiByte Gaming
Digiexplorer is a kind of search engine for the whole database Gigabit. For example, you can search for a specific transaction.

Digibot-Telegram is a product of collaboration between Digibet and news messenger Telegram.

All you need to do is contact @digubot to get information about the current exchange rate or specific transactions.

For example. DigiByte Gaming is the opportunity to earn coins Gigibit playing Counter Strike, League of Legends or World of Warcraft. Therefore they are also called currency and bloccano gamers.

DigiByte mining
Gigibit not only offers many safe options for private users, but also especially beneficial to the miners.

If you want to become an active miner, you can make it through Blockfactory or DigiHash.

Especially DigiHash gives the miners at different levels the opportunity to earn coins.

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