Vladimir Putin signed the law on Runet isolation

May 1, 2019

Vladimir Putin signed the law on Runet isolation

On May 1, President of the Russian Federation (RF) Vladimir Putin signed the so-called law on the isolation of the RuNet, which is designed to ensure stable operation of the Russian segment of the Internet in the event of a disconnection from the global network or coordinated attacks. It is reported by Medusa.

The law will come into force on November 1, 2019, although the implementation of some provisions has been postponed until 2021. At least 30 billion rubles will be allocated from the state budget for the implementation of the law.

Recall, the document was approved by the State Duma (April 16) and the Federation Council (April 22).

The initiative of the legislators has already made a lot of noise and has caused fierce disputes inside and outside Russian society. Many fear the realization of the Chinese scenario, but from a technical point of view such a development so far seems unlikely.


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