Berlin will be BlockShow Europe 2018

March 28, 2018

Berlin will be BlockShow Europe 2018

Berlin will be BlockShow Europe 2018

On may 28-29, 80 speakers from 50 countries will share their knowledge at BlockShow Europe 2018, which will be held in Berlin. Blockchain startups, investors, founders and project managers, lawyers, and developers will gather to strengthen the crypto community, as well as demonstrate a variety of new options for the introduction and improvement of blockchain technology.

The event will be attended Milan Sallaba (partner at Deloitte Germany, the leading sector of the technology industry with 25 years of experience), Lloy Klaasen (bitcoin Evangelist, venture capitalist, Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation in 2016), David Lee (Professor of SUSS, Director of LeftCoast, founder of BlockAsset Ventures), Patrick Lowery (venture capitalist, Advisor to the ICO, the General Director of Iconiq Lab), Aaron Koenig (blockchain representative since 2011, founder of Bitfilm), Ivan Liljeqvist (blockchain-consultant and developer, crypto-blogger with millions of hits on Youtube), Paul Puey (CEO and co-founder of Edge) Amir Rosic (serial entrepreneur, investor,marketing expert, video blogger, co-founder of Blockgeeks), Joel Dietz (blockchain expert, founder of Swarm Fund) and many other professionals.

The topics will be solutions for the introduction of blockchain in the existing business – because the choice is not limited only to FINTECH, medicine, digital identification, etc.Prospects will be discussed in detail by the best experts in the field of blockchain technology.

BlockShow will also be the first to learn about the launch of new products, to acquire partnerships, to conclude profitable deals and to take part in promising ICO.

At BlockShow Oscar, carefully selected startups will have the opportunity to present innovative solutions to the audience. It is important to note that the previous winners were Bancor, Status, Ehterisc and Solarchange, which together raised $200 million.

A convenient mobile application will allow you to filter the participants of the conference, and will automatically select the right time and place of the meeting.

Today, the price of the ticket for the event increases by 30%.

Participant: from €1088 to €1588;
Investor: from €1888 to €2488;
Startup: from €588 to €988.